Childbirth Myths- Myth #1

Myth #1:

I’m having an epidural, I don’t need a childbirth class.

Childbirth education does so much more than prepare you to deliver unmediated. In fact, you will leave prepared for all delivery scenarios, be it an unmedicated, epidural, or a cesarean birth!

Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes focus on maintaining a healthy pregnancy through exercise and a whole-foods diet. We teach couples the stages of labor, practice comfort measures and relaxation techniques, go over common tests and procedures, practice labor and pushing positions, and more!

Nutrition in pregnancy.

Why do I need to know comfort measures and relaxation techniques if I’m planning to get an epidural?

I recommend every couple learn comfort measures and relaxation techniques for labor. Sometimes a mom in labor will plan on an epidural, and won’t receive it as quickly as she’d like, or they don’t receive it in time at all. At times, conditions arise preventing an epidural, such as low platelets. Or for some, like my sister, the epidural doesn’t even work.

We know that birth doesn’t always go as planned, and if that happens, we want you and your birth partner to have the information, tools, and communication skills to help you to make informed decisions as your birth progresses.

Birth Boot Camp is dedicated to bringing couples the most up to date, scientifically based information!

Birth Boot Camp’s trainer guides, and student workbooks are updated to reflect the most up-to-date research. The curriculum was designed by a group of birth professionals, including is based on the MFCI (The Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative). For more information on Birth Boot Camp’s Philosophy, click here.

Birth Boot Camp’s Comprehensive Childbirth Class Workbook has 180+ full color pages of information, along with additional pages for note taking.

Birth Boot Camp has several class options. To see the full list of available classes, click here, or contact me for more information.

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